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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

The Staff and Board of Directors of KCMH wish you and yours a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Year End Giving

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, KCMH wants to thank all of our contributors and sponsors for your generous support!  KCMH is entirely listener-supported and would not be able to be on the air without your support. 

If you have already sent your year-end or holiday gift of financial support - we thank you!! 

If you haven't sent a year-end gift, will you prayerfully consider sending one now? 

Your tax-deductible gift of any size is appreciated more than you will ever know
To count for your 2014 tax return, all online gifts need to be received by midnight on December 31st, and all gifts that are mailed need to be post-marked by December 31st.

Sign Up For Email

If you would like to receive email from KCMH about KCMH news, contests, and other information, please sign up for email through our website.   It is easy to do and you can sign up for just the emails you wish to receive - just click here to sign up!

Public Service Announcements

Does your church or non-profit have a special event, a concert, or a guest speaker scheduled in the coming weeks/months?  If so, send us the information and it will appear on our Calendar and will be announced on air on our Community Calendar (as time and space permits).  Public Service Announcements are FREE to churches and non-profits and you can submit them through this website by filling out the PSA formPlease submit your information at least 2 weeks before your event!! We look forward to hearing from you!

Do YOU have a KCMH story?

Has God used KCMH to make a positive difference in your life or in the life of someone you know?  We'd like to hear your story on how you've received hope from the ministry of KCMH, or how you have heard a message or song "at just the right time".  Would you share your story with us?  Click here.

KCMH is the Sonbeam of the Ozarks

Keeping Christ Most High!