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Testimonies and Comments from our Listeners:

I don't know what I'd do if I could no longer hear KCMH. This Christian station and all of the programs have been such a blessing. The music is so inspiring and encouraging. May the Lord provide all your needs so you can stay on the air. I'm praying for you.
Listener from Mountain Home

To the People at KCMH,
I would like to take this time to thank you for all that you do. We don't watch much TV very often, but we do listen to the radio a lot. Most of the time we have it on KCMH. I really like the music and the programs. There is something for the whole family. Keep up the good work.
Listener from Yellville

KCMH and "The Ladies" (Kyle, too) have prayed my family thru some pretty horrible times this past 18 months.  They are all about doing God's work and helping heal the soul, heart, and mind thru prayer.  I thank God for y'all every day.  Without KCMH and the wonderful people there, I don't know what we would have done thru our time of need.  They support the public in every way.  I feel better and I know my family does - just because these Godly people are around.  May the Lord bless and keep you.
Listener from Melbourne

Your station is a blessing to me. You are one of my best friends.
Listener from Gassville

Dear Christian Friends,
This is just a few lines to let you know I do so appreciate KCMH! What would I do without it. My radio is tuned to 91.5 on the dial and I never change it. When I listen to the radio it is KCMH.
Focus on the Family and Point of View are really great programs. I like In Touch, Running to Win, The Alternative, MoneyLife, and really all the rest as well. Keep up the good programs and may God bless you. That is my prayer.
Listener from Marshall

Dear KCMH Staff,
Thank you for what you do to provide Christian Radio for me. I have been a listener for some time and receive a blessing from the music, sermons, and informative programs.
I wish I could give more to the ministry and hopefully I will be able to in the future as God blesses.
Listener from Harrison

You really do brighten up my day. I start at four in the morning with Songs in the Night. I listen all day and into the evening hours. I appreciate you so much.
Listener from Cotter

Dear KCMH:
I'd like to tell you why I appreciate you so much. I am currrently battling an undisciplined mind. Many would say that we all are. I don't know about everybody else; I'm doing good if I can understand what's going on in my own mind. Well, I spend a lot of time trying to disciple my mind, but I can't study all the time. Sometimes I need to relax. I live alone. The problem with living alone is that when your mind starts going in the wrong direction, there's nothing to interrupt your train of thought. Those interruptions, that I know a lot of people kinda hate, are opportunities to set your mind back on the right track. So, finding a good way to relax is really important. To make a long story short, KCMH provides constant, positive input. It helps keep my mind from getting away from me.
Getting around town without a car takes a lot of time. If I don't find some way to occupy my attention during this time, my mind seems to dwell on fear and anger. Then when I get wherever I'm going, I'm so emotional as to be good for nothing. Again, KCMH on my walkman is really a blessing.
Listener from Mountain Home

To everyone who is responsible for airing such wonderful Christian programs,
THANK YOU! I listen to this station several hours of most days. Particularly I enjoy Mike Kellogg. I like the lovely music. I turn off anything that sounds like rock, but I appreciate it because I think it appeals to the younger generation and they need it too. Just having KCMH here in my home means I have a friend if I need one. It is all great and is a blessing to me. Not only that, but my daughter-in-law listens to some of the same programs and it helps us understand each other.
Listener from Mountain Home

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